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LIUGONG Left A Deep Impression At CSPI-EXPO
Publication Date: 2024-06-21

In the wave of global green transformation, Chinese construction machinery giant LIUGONG has once again demonstrated its strong technical strength and market influence. From May 22 to 24, LIUGONG presented six electric products at the 2024 Japan Construction Machinery and Construction Machinery Exhibition (CSPI-EXPO) for the first time. This is the first time LIUGONG has attracted the attention of the global industry with its industry-leading new energy technology after its excellent appearance at INTERMAT in France and Veiog Anlegg in Norway, highlighting LIUGONG's strength in accelerating the layout of the high-end market and its responsibility and responsibility in promoting the globalization of new energy.

 LIUGONG Left A Deep Impression At CSPI-EXPO  

CSPI-EXPO is one of the world's leading construction machinery and construction machinery exhibitions and the only one in Japan, bringing together top companies and the latest technologies from all over the world.

  LIUGONG Left A Deep Impression At CSPI-EXPO

On the first day of the exhibition, LIUGONG held a launch ceremony for electric products. Zeng Guangan, secretary of the Party Committee, chairman and CEO of the company, said that after ten years of unremitting pursuit and innovation, LIUGONG has made remarkable achievements in the field of electric intelligence. Since the launch of electric technology research and development in 2014, LIUGONG has continuously broken through technical barriers and led the development of the industry. At present, LIUGONG Its electric equipment has been successfully promoted in China, ASEAN, Europe, North America and India, and more than 5,000 units of electric equipment have been sold worldwide, which is a solid footprint of LIUGONG in the global market.

  LIUGONG Left A Deep Impression At CSPI-EXPO

"Bringing LIUGONG products to Japan is a new journey for us," he said. "We will help Japan reduce carbon emissions, support green environmental protection, and reduce the total carrying cost of customers through our full range of electric equipment. At the same time, we will respect Japanese culture and industry rules, and we are committed to provide Japanese customers with comprehensive solutions with equipment that has been rigorously tested and validated globally."


The six electric products exhibited by LIUGONG include 856HE electric loader, 922FE electric excavator, LS0607E and LS0808E aerial work platform and other star models. The products all have a unique green appearance, inherit the family DNA design of the Red Dot Design Award, and take humanized intelligent control as the core. It shows LIUGONG 's leading position in the electric construction machinery industry.


In the future, LIUGONG will work closely with local distributors in Japan to promote the development of green and intelligent construction and help Japan achieve its carbon emission targets. At At the same time, LIUGONG will provide Japanese customers with comprehensive solutions and create more value through efficient service and perfect accessories system.

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