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SINOMADA Three-day Outdoor Team Building Activity
Publication Date: 2021-06-21
On June 18th, 2021, SINOMADA started a three-day team building activity.
On the first day, we went to Changsha Fantawild Oriental Heritage, which is a theme park built with Chinese traditional culture as the core and combined with modern high and new technology. It is a theme park suitable for all ages. It is not only suitable for family parent-child leisure tourism, but suitable for young people's adventure. All the team members spent a good day inside, visited various projects, and experienced the excitement brought by the combination of modern high technology and historical future.
The next day, we came to Zilong Bay hot spring resort, where there is Huitang Hot Spring known as "the first spring of Xiangjiang River", with a history of more than 2000 years. Huitang Hot spring can help people regulate physiological function and improve cardiovascular function. After the first day of exciting play, we released our fatigue and relaxed our body here.
The third day is the last day of the journey. We came to Tanhe Old Town. Tanhe Old Town is a large Western Zhou Culture Theme Park in China. It has not only the cultural heritage of the Zhou Dynasty for 3000 years, but modern and fashionable elements. There are not to be missed song and dance performances and high-tech projects combining ancient and modern. The performers here presented the history by scene in front of people, and everyone felt an unprecedented shock.
As night fell, the journey reached the last destination - Yanghu Wetland Park. All of us sang and played games here and spent the last night.

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