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Window Of the World — SINOMADA Halloween Party
Publication Date: 2020-11-04
On the evening of November 3rd, 2020, SINOMADA team members went to the largest amusement park in Changsha  — Window of the World.
Located in northeast Changsha City, Changsha Window of the World is one of the largest cultural tourism projects and an important spiritual civilization construction base in Hunan Province, attracting tourists from all over the country. If you never have an experience at night in Changsha, you cannot deeply understand the city. If you have never been to the Window of the World at night, you will not know the wildness and charm of this city.
One of the most distinctive features of Halloween is the haunted house. The haunted house is the most terrifying and the most exciting place. People who come to participate in the festival will definitely go into the haunted house.There are also many entertainment items, including two-tier carousel and pirate ship. The pirate ship swings as high as the big pendulum, making you feel weightless at high altitude.
Of course, there are parties that let your body involuntarily move with loud music. All the staff released their pressure in the theme park and enjoyed the stimulation and happiness brought by Halloween.
At nine o'clock in the evening, everyone set foot on the way home with satisfaction and relaxed mood. Tomorrow is another day full of energy!

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