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SINOMADA Reunion Trip To Experience The Beauty Of Qinghai
Publication Date: 2024-07-02

Recently, in order to promote team cohesion and enhance the cooperation and communication between employees, our company carefully planned and successfully organized the "five-day SINOMADA Building" activity. The group building activities were carried out from June 20 to June 24, all the staff embarked on a journey of exploring the northwest scenery after a stressful work.


On the first day of the activity, all the staff assembled at the designated place, took the car to Huanghua Airport, and flew to Xining on flight A67253, which formally started the trip to Northwest China. Upon arrival, everyone first visited Guide National Geopark, enjoying the magnificence of the seven-colored peaks and landscapes of Ashigun and the beauty of the Yellow River. The geological relics in the park not only recorded the evolution of the Tibetan Plateau, but also demonstrated the changes of Guide's natural environment, which left a deep impression on the employees.


On the second day, the team traveled to Qinghai Lake, the first largest saltwater lake in China, with clear, blue water. Employees strolled along the lake to experience the magnificence and tranquility of nature. At the lake, everyone also experienced the thrill of galloping a horse and felt the boldness and vastness of the Northwest to the fullest.


On the third day, the team came to Chaka Salt Lake, which is known as the "Mirror of the Sky". The wetland landscape of the salt lake is breathtaking, with the colorful water and sky, as if they were in a fairyland. Employees rode a small train across the salt lake, enjoying the long history of salt culture and the magnificent scenery of the salt lake wetland.


On the fourth day, the team visited Zhuoer Mountain Scenic Spot. This mountain with Danxia landform attracted many tourists with its unique landform and magnificent scenery. Standing on the top of the mountain, there was no cover around and the view was extremely open, and the employees took photos to record this unforgettable moment.


On the last day, the team traveled to the Thar Monastery, the birthplace of Tsongkhapa, the founder of the Gelugpa School of Tibetan Buddhism (Yellow Religion). Inside the temple, the Buddha statues are vividly and beautifully modeled, and the ghee flowers, frescoes and pile embroidery are known as the "Three Greatest Artworks of Thar Monastery". During the visit, the staff not only appreciated the profundity of Buddhist culture, but also felt the charm of religious art.


The "five-day SINOMADA Building" activity not only let the staff enjoy the magnificent scenery of Northwest China, but also enhanced the friendship and cooperation between each other. They helped each other and cooperated with each other during the trip, and spent an unforgettable time together. This activity not only enhanced the team spirit and cooperation consciousness of the staff, but also injected new vitality for the long-term development of the company.

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