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XCMG's Largest Tower Crane Creates A Pioneer In The Industry
Publication Date: 2024-06-06

Recently, XGT15000-600S, the world's largest dual-arm parallel tower crane jointly developed by XCMG and China Railway Bridge Engineering Bureau Group Co., LTD. (MBEC), has been recognized by 11 industry-leading experts for its outstanding technical achievements and production performance.

  XCMG's largest tower crane creates a pioneer in the industry

The successful development of XGT15000-600S tower crane marks an important breakthrough made by XCMG and MBEC in solving the bottleneck of super large lifting capacity and lifting height. The crane not only has significant advantages in terms of safety level, intelligent technology, powerful function, high quality, accurate module, and excellent performance, but also achieves four technical breakthroughs.

"The XGT15000-600S has a rated lifting torque of 15,000 tons meters, a maximum lifting capacity of 600 tons, an overall weight of more than 4,000 tons, a maximum independent height of 92.5 meters, and a maximum attachment height of 400 meters." Said Mi Chenghong of XCMG Group.

After more than ten years of continuous exploration and development, XCMG has successfully launched the XGT15000-600S super tower crane. The tower crane has made a breakthrough in the design the technology of the parallel combination boom system with a large lifting capacity and lifting height, and innovatively proposed a new configuration of the dual-arm parallel combination tower crane with four trolleys and four hooks, and realized the new spatial dispersion distribution of the lifting wire rope. At At the same time, the multi-mechanism, high-safety cooperative operation and precision control technology of the tower crane creates the first collaborative operation technology of the four-mechanism and double-amplitude tower crane.

The giant crane has been used in the construction of several major Bridges, including the Changtai Yangtze River Bridge. Changtai Yangtze River Bridge is the world's largest dual-use cable-stayed bridge for road and railway. The main tower is 352 meters high, the maximum lifting module weighs 330 tons, and the lifting height is 370 meters. The efficient operation of the XGT15000-600S tower crane provides strong support for the construction of these major Bridges.

Industry experts said that the successful development and application of the XGT15000-600S tower crane has not only improved the technical level of construction lifting machinery in China, but also set a new benchmark for the global construction lifting machinery industry. As more similar projects are carried out in the future, the tower crane will play an important role in a wider field.

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