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2024 INTERMAT: SANY Green Manufacturing Leads The Future
Publication Date: 2024-05-28

From April 24 to 27, 2024, SANY Heavy Industry presented its cutting-edge machinery products at the INTERMAT international trade show in Paris, showcasing its green manufacturing capabilities to the world with a 2,728 square meter booth and 34 high-end equipment.


In this exhibition, SANY not only brought traditional strengths such as excavators and concrete machinery, but also launched a series of environmentally friendly electric machinery, including pure electric forklifts, milling machines, bucket stackers, etc., responding to the theme of "low carbon" with practical actions, demonstrating its firm commitment to environmental protection and reducing carbon emissions.


At the exhibition site, SANY Heavy Industry showed visitors its intelligent manufacturing and digital achievements through digital screens, including the actual operation of the Changsha Lighthouse factory and the operation of the industrial Internet of Things platform, so that the audience could intuitively feel the power of science and technology. In addition, SANY gave participants a hands-on experience of the fun of operating heavy machinery through the "Construction Simulator 3" game.

Xiang Wenbo, rotating chairman of SANY Group, said: "Our goal is to provide high-quality and reliable products and services to global customers, while also actively responding to global climate change and promoting green and sustainable development in all directions through green production chains." At present, SANY has integrated electrical products into almost all of its product portfolio and is looking forward to further expanding into the European market.


With the theme of "Moving More", SANY Heavy Industry is undoubtedly at the forefront of green future, showing its vision and responsibility as the industry leader. In the future, we look forward to SANY continuing to contribute more to global sustainable development.

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