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SHANGCHAI 9D Engine Help XCMG Loader Increase Market Share In Turkey
Publication Date: 2022-11-30
Recently, in Turkey, a XCMG ZL50G wheel loader equipped with SHANGCHAI 9D engine was painted colorful and had a new Chinese fashion trend appearance. With eight years after its delivery and 10,000 hours of cumulative work, this ZL50G will continue to fight in the construction line with a new image.

The new image mainly includes crane representing Chinese traditional culture and the Anatolian leopard representing Turkey's culture, which symbolizes the friendship between the two countries, and also shows that this loader not only has the "good luck" and "reliable & stable" characteristics represented by the crane, but has the "full of vitality" and "strong power" features represented by the Anatolian leopard.

The southern coast of the Black Sea in Turkey is mountainous. With complex working conditions and flourishing infrastructure, wheel loader needs to work with heavy load all year round. During the 8 years of running, XCMG ZL50G loader has won the trust of customer with its strong power, stability, efficiency, simple operation and easy maintenance. Its SHANGCHAI 9D engine meets Euro 3 standard and passes CE certification, with the advantages of strong power, reliability, durability, energy conservation and environmental protection.

According to the customer, normally they only need to maintain the filter element and engine oil to ensure the shovelling, loading and unloading of the ZL50G in the concrete station. Due to the outstanding performance of XCMG ZL50G loader and SHANGCHAI 9D engine, the customer has successively purchased several loaders of the same model. Industry data shows that XCMG's loaders have a market share of more than 40% in local sand and gravel yards and concrete stations, showing strong competitiveness.

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