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ZOOMLION Won The 2022-2023 China Agricultural Machinery Annual TOP50 And Three Awards
Publication Date: 2023-09-27

On September 24, the 2022-2023 China Agricultural Machinery Annual TOP50+ release event was held in Taishan City, Guangdong. In this selection, Zoomlion won the annual independent brand "Golden Harvest Award", the "Grain King" TK100 longitudinal axial flow grain combine harvester won the "Harvester of the Year", and the CA504ET pure electric tractor won the "Technological Innovation Award". It fully affirms Zoomlion's positive contribution in promoting the development of agricultural machinery equipment towards "green, intelligent and digital", demonstrating the industry's high recognition and strong product strength.

As a model that is very popular in the market this year, the "Grain King" TK100 grain combine harvester relies on many advantageous technologies to bring users an operating experience that integrates "intelligent, efficient, comfortable and reliable". It is a well-deserved " Harvester of the Year”. At present, this product has completed a number of key technology upgrades, and two models, TK100PRO and TK100MAX, with more comprehensive configurations have been launched, once again attracting widespread attention in the market.

Zoomlion Won The 2022-2023 China Agricultural Machinery Annual TOP50 And Three Awards

CA504ET is an internationally advanced 50-horsepower pure electric tractor built by Zoomlion for greenhouse application scenarios in modern facilities at home and abroad. This product features pure electric drive with zero emissions, high degree of intelligence, and quiet and smooth operation. It is equipped with a dual motor system for traveling and working, four-wheel drive, and hydraulic steering. It can achieve stepless speed change and automatic reversal for walking and working. Optional intelligent modules such as autonomous driving and AI intelligent operation break the technological monopoly of foreign products in this field and are representative scientific and technological achievements that promote the transformation and upgrading of my country's agricultural machinery and equipment to "green, intelligent, and digital"

Zoomlion Won The 2022-2023 China Agricultural Machinery Annual TOP50 And Three Awards

Zoomlion adheres to scientific and technological innovation, promotes the integration of agricultural machinery and agronomic innovation, continuously complements the shortcomings in key core technologies of agricultural machinery and equipment, drives high-quality agricultural development with advanced and applicable intelligent agricultural machinery and equipment, and contributes scientific and technological strength to building a powerful agricultural country.

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