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United Arab Emirates Customers Visited SINOMADA Office
Publication Date: 2024-06-07
On June 7th, the customer  service department of our company received a consultation call from an important customer. The client asked us about the supply of used pump trucks over the phone. After detailed communication, we understand the needs of customers.

After knowing the customer's needs, we quickly sorted out the client's needs into a detailed report and sent it to our purchasing team. When the purchasing team received the report, they immediately contacted our long-term partner, a well-known used equipment supplier.  At the same time, our client service team also began to prepare for the intense work. They greeted the customer and delivered the customer  to the booked hotel. In the hotel, our staff once again communicated with the customer  to understand in detail the customer's specific requirements and expectations for the equipment.

The next day, the customer  came to the equipment display site early. We described the equipment's performance, usage, and maintenance record in detail, and answered a series of questions raised by clients. The customer was satisfied with the performance and condition of the equipment and decided to purchase the equipment. On the way to sending off, we also provided some suggestions for the client about the use and maintenance of the equipment to ensure that the customer; can use the equipment smoothly.

Finally, the customers boarded the high-speed train smoothly and left Changsha with a satisfied smile. This successful transaction allows customers to express their appreciation and gratitude for our company's services and wins more reputation and trust for our company.

United Arab Emirates Customers Visited SINOMADA Office

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